Peeling of head skin and hair-fashion or important element of daily care?

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Our daily obligations, work, meetings require that we take care of hair. They are as overloade as we are, in fact, because we put conditioners on it and styling products, which improve the condition of your hair every day but also settles on the head skin and the length of hair. Many of these substances are hard to get rid of the scalp, especially if we use gentle shampoo every day and after washing hair it is charged with conditioner.

The massage of scalp combined with peeling is not only a wonderful helper in removing callousing and thorough cleansing. of the residue of styling and care products, dead epidermis and smog, dust, sweat and dirt. The skin will be able to breathe freely and absorb nutrients from masks, conditioners and rub in compounds more easily. Stimulated, oxygenated skin will help our hair to grow faster and shine more intensely.