Spring is coming – let’s prepare our skin.

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Winter is the time when we expose our skin to many adverse factors, we put on several layers of clothing often with flexible, artificial fibres, are stay heated rooms with dry air, we take long, warming bath and it all affects our skin. The upcoming spring causes a panic attack in many of use, in a moment you will be able to take off these layers of clothing, show up in a little more scarce clothing but how to help our dry, a little greyish skin? You can start working on the recovery of glow to the skin from peeling. Natural cycle of the regeneration of skin takes on average about 4 weeks. During this time the cells which are formed in the deepest layer of epidermis, move towards the surface every day. They are dehydrated, become calloused, and finally die and scale moved by the next very young cells moving upwards. This cycle takes place continuously but the stress, fatigue, little active lifestyle and stimulants cause that whole cycle can take longer and this causes that dead cells build up, the skin gets rough, grey. And then peeling proves helpful – removing dead epidermis cells, immediate effect in the form of a smooth and bright skin. In addition, it unlocks the mouth of sebaceous glands. Thanks to it the condition of skin improves markedly, because after such treatment nourishing and moisturizing cosmetics penetrate into it more easily and deeply. Preparing the skin using peeling, we have the possibility to take advantage of all active substances for which we reach for care cosmetics. Coarse grain peelings are intended for body treatments. It is enough to use this kind of preparations once a week. An additional strenghtening of the renewal of skin will be peeling shower gels, which wash perfectly and scale the skin slightly, you can use them every day. Our skin will thank us for it because in addition to a perfect cleansing we will fund it a beneficial massage.